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Southport; love it or hate it, this is your town & it's ours too. We're out to make a difference amongst your generation across Southport. In little pockets, from high schools to youth clubs to our YouTube Channel, the 'Safe Space' project seeks to be a no-pressure place of safety where you can be listened to, inspired and motivated with others, as we explore together the big issues of life and faith. If we're in your school, any student is welcome at our lunchtime drop-in style clubs. If we're in your community, anyone 11-18 is welcome. If neither, then we have a huge focus on our YouTube Channel and our Instagram anyway! See below for details of where you can find a Safe Space, and use this site as a place to hang out and discover more.
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Youtube channel

Get yourself inspired with our weekly upload to YouTube. We specialise in exploring the big issues of life and faith from a Christian perspective accessible to absolutely anyone. Regardless of any faith background, or none at all, you should something useful & relevant here! Plus, we throw a load of fun stuff up there throughout the week to, so make sure you subscribe!

Local youth workers

Our project is run by local youth workers in Southport. Connect with experienced youth workers employed or volunteering for our charity, running assemblies, clubs, workshops and more across Southport, plus regularly featuring on Instagram and YouTube.

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Did I hear you call UNO? Need to practice your Jenga skills? Challenges, prizes, we’ve got it all amongst our weekly selection of games to play across the tables in our chilled out spaces (COVID restrictions permitting). Also, play UNO or Connect4 against bot versions of our youth workers online!

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Safe Space LIVE

We go LIVE 3 time a week with Safe Space LIVE after school: 4pm Weds, Thurs, Fri. Always a fun time to connect, have quizzes, games, etc over livestream chat and build a bit of community amongst Southport’s young people. Check out our live feed on Youtube: , or watch out for us broadcasting live on Instagram.

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Help I’m Year 7!

If you’re in Year 7, or are due to start in Year 7 soon, don’t stress – we’ve got a safe space for you too! Hit the “Panic Button” to find loads of great helpful advice, encouragement & fun too (of course!)

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About Us:

Teachers, parents, carers, supporters: look no further...
Creating safe spaces for exploring the big issues of life and faith.


Learning from twenty years of experience serving schools in the local area, Southport and Area Schools Worker Trust are shaping their current drive to best meet the needs of the younger generation of Southport and local educational establishments. We call it “Safe Space”.

We describe a “Safe Space” as a time or place set aside to journey with young people through issues of life & faith, whether they be spiritual, moral, social or cultural, in an environment that is very fun, non-threatening, and non- judgmental, giving young people safe time out to be loved & helped. Our most proven way of achieving this is in secondary schools and FE colleges is through lunchtime clubs, run by trained and safeguarded SASW Trust staff and volunteers, all at no cost to the school or FE college.


Meet some of the staff and volunteers who make Safe Spaces happen across Southport.

Tabz (David Taberner)

Safe Space Project co-ordinator
(on staff at SASW Trust)
Hey, I’m Tabz! (Well, technically David Taberner is my name… sorry Mum!) I love music, community, tech, comedy, faith and seeing others make a difference in their lives & the lives of others, which is why I dreamt up Safe Space! I also have pretty unusual hair…

Hettie Taberner

Safe Space team member & Good Sport Project co-ordinator
(on staff at SASW Trust)
Hey, I’m Hettie. I love playing football, seeing friends and watching Netflix (a little too much sometimes!). My main role is to explore the issues of life and faith using sport, though I will be around in some Safe Space sessions to win a slightly over excited game of dobble… I dare you to challenge me!

Emily Stanford

Lunchtime Safe Space team member, plus Children’s + Youth Worker at Christ Church Southport.
Hey, I’m Emily! I moved to Southport a year ago from Formby. I love good food, a good laugh, and my job at my church – working with children and young people in the community and seeing them grow into world changers.

Head over to our Christian faith-based charity website to learn about the rest of the work we do locally. Perhaps you'd like to support or play your part in volunteering?

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